Introducing One Voice

By: Madeline Vann

The Farley Center & White Cloud Therapeutic Services

Counseling is Madeline's fourth career. She has also been in public health, public relations, and health and medical journalism. She is passionate about helping people and communities to take ownership of their narratives. She utilizes modalities including MI, ACT, mindfulness, yoga, drumming, group and narrative work. Follow her on Instagram: @madelinevann

One Voice

The Climate Crisis is a global problem which requires an active response from around the world. In 2018 the Coalition for Behavioral Science Organizations assembled a taskforce to begin the process of developing evidence-based recommendations to guide a response from the behavioral science community. This project would have a specific focus on the ways in which behavior science can contribute to the climate crisis solution. One Voice is a critical component of that response and our work together around the world. Reviewing existing research on the effectiveness of climate crisis response is a top priority for the task force. Trained volunteers have collaboratively coded over 5000 papers in an effort to standardize the existing research. However, the review process highlighted a stark lack of experimental research. Particularly lacking is research that can guide community-based action and policy recommendations. As a result of the literature reviews, members of the task force have authored papers summarizing the results and findings, identifying new questions, and proposing potential next steps.

Getting Our Name Out There

A barrier to achieving the mission of the task force is a lack of awareness that the task force exists. Another barrier is the lack of knowledge of various community concerns and interventions across the globe. One Voice is a step toward addressing these barriers. Firstly, by highlighting the work that is already being done and secondly by connecting individuals who are active in their communities.

We Want to Hear From You

We are seeking your stories. People in every community around the world, of all ages and backgrounds, are responding to the Climate Crisis. We have been particularly moved by the work of youth climate activists – and we realize they are not the only ones with boots on the ground. One Voice is intended to be an outlet to provide first person accounts of what is happening in their communities. We are seeking your experiences of the impact of climate change, interventions aimed at addressing climate change, and the results of those interventions. We hope to be able to highlight the stories that fly under the radar of mass media attention. And because the goal of the task force is to enhance the extent to which behavior science can contribute to the climate crisis solution we are also looking to include posts that discuss the contributions and possibilities of behavior science among the first-person narratives of individual’s experience in community response.

Want to Write for One Voice?

Let us know what you are seeing and doing in your community. Any climate crisis response or climate impact is of interest. Did you work on an after-school club for school children to understand pollution? Are you a birdwatcher who has observed that the dawn chorus is less vociferous than in past decades? Have you observed salt water intrusion into your wetlands? Are you a counselor who has created a support group for climate crisis anxiety? Did you host a drum circle at a park to provide a space for lamentation? Are you an activist who is working on raising awareness for policy solutions at the local, state, or federal level? Or are you a researcher who is contemplating how best to communicate about climate crisis response policy? Send us your written narratives, your photos, your videos, your music. We will moderate the submissions, of course, but we want to hear from you in whatever medium speaks to you. 

Join us as we amplify your voice.

Submissions can be sent to or by clicking the link One Voice’s homepage.

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