Nurturing Sustainable Behavior. Fostering Sustainable Policy.

We're cultivating a world composed of sustainable, nurturing communities that provide resources for all; a world in which citizens, organizations, and governments act to reduce emissions so that future generations may thrive.

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Conducting comprehensive reviews of the published record.

We conduct exhaustive reviews of scientific literature to determine the most effective methods for conducting community interventions aimed at GHG reductions and ensuring that policies that support GHG reductions are adopted.

Providing strategic support to researchers and organizations.

We're working to enhance the effectiveness of climate change research by developing recommendations for best practice regarding behavioral interventions aimed at GHG reductions. Further, we're developing outward facing databases detailing funding and collaboration opportunities.

Conducting Experimental Evaluations of Community Interventions.

Based on our findings, we are teaming up to evaluate the effectiveness of large-scale community interventions aimed at GHG reductions.

Dissemination and proliferation of our mission, aims, and findings

Publications, symposia presentations, panel discussions, workshops, media coverage.

Crowdsourcing Data

We're asking you, our users, to help us collect data on organizations that conduct and fund climate change research. Click here to enter information.

Upcoming Events

New Orleans, LA

July 14-19, 2020

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